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Your gifts spread joy across the world! Our favourite thing, after supporting a person in need, is telling you their stories. When you make a gift through ERDO you are impacting some of the most vulnerable families in impossible circumstances. Please be encouraged by the difference you have made in a life.

Stories of Hope

Nadine in Burundi

Nadine is a mother of four who owns a small business selling fruit. Nadine did not have a fixed stall and had to move her shop from one place to another each day. She grew tired and had little savings to grow her business.

Nadine joined a savings group and received a microfinance loan from ERDO! Over the past several months, Nadine has been taking classes to help her grow her business. Your investment in Nadine has had amazing results! She found a permanent location for her fruit stand, and it has grown to 10 times its original value. She has become a landlord and plans to buy a small vehicle to use as a taxi from her home.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, women struggling with poverty have a hope-filled way to support their own families and rise out of poverty.

Sami in Yemen

In Yemen, Sami lives with her three children and her husband. Her husband suffers from a mental illness and had to stop working. Any spare money Sami earned went to pay for his medication. In a country facing war, famine and starvation, it is devastating when a parent is not able to work. Sami’s family became one of the poorest in her community.

Sami’s family is part of our emergency food program in Yemen. Once a month, she picks up supplies so she can cook meals at home. By providing food, you have lifted a financial burden off Sami and her family.

Without having to pay for these groceries, Sami was able to buy a sewing machine. Now, Sami has a steady job, is providing for her family and paying for her husband’s medication.

Goats in Kenya

In Northern Kenya, communities are widely scattered. Their remoteness leaves people in the margins with little help or government support. By giving a family a goat, we can provide additional support for people in need who already receive food assistance from ERDO.

Most people in the area depend on animals for their livelihoods, as there are no other options for work in the very arid, dry desert area. Owning a goat for these families is like opening a savings account in Canada. A goat is an investment in the future, and can help a family rise in social rank.

Breakfast for Children in Honduras

Kids go to school hungry all over the world. We know it’s hard to learn on an empty stomach, so we have been feeding children a nutritious breakfast every morning in Honduras. But since schools closed down in 2020 and remained closed in 2021 due to COVID-19, we could no longer feed children at school.

Through creativity and the tenacity of our partners, Christmas donations for food were delivered in a different way! Parents from these preschool and kindergarten classes were able to come to our partner’s local centre in Honduras, where they were given classes on nutrition. They were sent home with a two-month supply of a nutrient-enriched breakfast cereal and fresh fruit.

Each food package included reminder notes on how to cook the cereal and tips on how to change up the flavour. They also received devotionals, scriptures and notes of encouragement from local staff!

Thank you for helping kids in Honduras!

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