Gift Catalogue


These gifts are given to people in places of greatest need. If you wish to send a gift to your sponsored child, please contact our ChildCARE Plus team. You will be able to send a monetary gift, which our local sponsorship staff will use to purchase items your child needs on their behalf. Please get in touch with us today, and we will help you send your gift.

ERDO will send your gift to our partner in-country, working directly with the recipient of your gift. We do everything possible to distribute gifts as soon as we can, up until the end of the year in which you donated.

We are always seeking ways to provide the maximum benefit to people in desperate need. While the costs to create, implement and manage programs vary considerably depending on the program and country, we ensure a minimum of 84 cents per dollar donated goes to the field. In some cases, we are able to send significantly more.

As you will be the donor of the gift, the receipt will be made out to you.

To keep our administrative costs at a minimum, we’re not able to send photos of the gifts to individual donors. We'll be happy to post photos of the gift items being used on our website and social media feeds as we receive these pictures from our partners.

How It Works


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Look through our gift options and choose one that will make a lasting difference to a person in need.


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Enter your payment information and receive confirmation with your attached tax-deductible receipt. We are so grateful that you are helping us do good around the world!


Send a Card

Let your friends and family know you have made a gift in their honour. Choose one of our e-Cards and write a personal message to your loved one.